On the shelves

My recent bookstore visit in DC sensitized me a bit to the idea of books in paper form, and how sad and sorry I would be if real books went the way of the dodo.  Then when I was wondering around Pinterest, I took a look at my own boards (particularly my Favorite Places and Spaces board) and realized just how often I picked book-laden rooms to pin.

So, of course when I was decluttering the downstairs of all the newspapers, magazines, library books, recent acquisitions (thank you, Murder & Mayhem in Muskego, for the free books!), it struck me that what I was sticking on my shelves and what I was sticking on Husband’s shelves were pretty darn different.

Here’s Mark.  That’s right, art books.  Mostly stacked sideways.  There’s a pile of Art News in there, too.  He’s an arty guy.

Here’s his bedside table – what a mess.  It’s eclectic, mostly nonfiction, and reflects a certain motorcycle mania.

I, on the other hand, have a very neat side, and if you could read all the spines of these books, you would see that they’re mostly mysteries.

I won’t show Mark’s office (very cluttered), but his books there are design books.  Makes sense, he’s a graphic designer.  My office?

Short stories, writing “how-to” books, note cards, and an assortment of magazines.  You’ll note the pug decor.

Here’s another angle so I can show off my Nicole Hollander art.  Original Sylvias!  Hand signed.  She rocks.  You might be wondering about the green jaguar.  Go ahead and wonder.  It might be my wild side coming out.  Or not.


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