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On the shelves

My recent bookstore visit in DC sensitized me a bit to the idea of books in paper form, and how sad and sorry I would be if real books went the way of the dodo.  Then when I was wondering around Pinterest, I took a look at my own boards (particularly my Favorite Places and Spaces board) and realized just how often I picked book-laden rooms to pin.

So, of course when I was decluttering the downstairs of all the newspapers, magazines, library books, recent acquisitions (thank you, Murder & Mayhem in Muskego, for the free books!), it struck me that what I was sticking on my shelves and what I was sticking on Husband’s shelves were pretty darn different.

Here’s Mark.  That’s right, art books.  Mostly stacked sideways.  There’s a pile of Art News in there, too.  He’s an arty guy.

Here’s his bedside table – what a mess.  It’s eclectic, mostly nonfiction, and reflects a certain motorcycle mania.

I, on the other hand, have a very neat side, and if you could read all the spines of these books, you would see that they’re mostly mysteries.

I won’t show Mark’s office (very cluttered), but his books there are design books.  Makes sense, he’s a graphic designer.  My office?

Short stories, writing “how-to” books, note cards, and an assortment of magazines.  You’ll note the pug decor.

Here’s another angle so I can show off my Nicole Hollander art.  Original Sylvias!  Hand signed.  She rocks.  You might be wondering about the green jaguar.  Go ahead and wonder.  It might be my wild side coming out.  Or not.


So, I’m a giant Nicole Hollander fan

I mean it, I love Nicole Hollander.  I love her comic strip, Sylvia, so much that I went on a total rant and complained nonstop to the Chicago Tribune when they dropped her strip.  (Well, not nonstop.  But you know what I mean.  I complained a bunch.)

So, on Sunday I saw she was having a show and sale at an art gallery on Damen, and off I went.  And she was great.  Tinier than I knew, but very interesting and sociable.  I’m going to write some more about this and post some pictures of the stuff I bought.

But the purpose of today’s post is to just demonstrate how dang funny she is.  I subscribe to her daily newsletter, which gives me a comic and usually a blog post, too.   And she really made me snort coffee this week when she posted about the New York Times‘ column in the Sunday Styles Section, “What I Wore.”

Now in the interest of full disclosure, I will say that I get the NYT every day and I read the Sunday edition cover to cover except for sports and the marriage section.  (However, I do scan the pictures of engaged couples to test my hypothesis that people are usually marrying people who are their same level of hotness.  This almost always true, even when it’s a gay wedding.)

But even I get exhausted when some fashionista whose name I don’t know writes a 500-word column about one of their days, hour by hour, and what they wore, especially the brand names.  Nicole’s post lampooned this with a post of her own, sort of a comic-maven version of What I Wore.  So this made me snort in agreement and cheered me up on the el.

To me, the amazing thing is how many times people in New York change clothes every day, at least according to the Times.  Here would be my column:

I got up late  – what a crazy night! – and put on my trusty Gap jeans (dark blue wash),  a white Jones New York lycra blend t-shirt, an asymmetrical black sweater (also from the Gap), and my well-worn New Balance tennis shoes with crew socks that sort-of matched. I threw on a chunky faux-gold stretch bracelet from Chico’s and a pair of twisted hoop earrings, real gold, given to me by my husband and purchased at Oak Park Jewelers.  He’s so romantic.  I wore them all day long and then at 9:00 pm, I dashed upstairs to put on a vintage faded blue nightgown. (Purchased circa 2004 from Marshall Field’s, and likely some house brand but who knows because the label has been gone since about 2006.)

Anyway, I went through her blog (Bad Girl Chats) looking for a particular post and couldn’t find it, but just spent half a hour wandering around in there and I encourage you to do the same.   Also fun is her cat stuff at Cafe Press.  Take cattitude and add caffeine.