About Me

KBI’m Karen Burgess and Literary Lunchbox is my blog, restricted pretty much to book reviews, posts about writing and the writing process, and literary events.

I write fiction (both short stories and novels), am a published author, and am currently un-agented.  I’m a member of the Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime.   I freely admit that I devote way less time to writing than I wish I could!

Currently writing a mystery series featuring a smart but stubborn former actress, I also have a novel in the drawer about an early 40’s professional woman who decides to have a baby on her own and ends up falling in love with her unwitting sperm donor.  This would be a great movie.  Jennifer Aniston, call me.

I recently made a job change – previously at the American Dental Association, I’m now the CEO/Executive Director at the Michigan Dental Association, where both leadership and staff are committed to advancing the profession and the public’s oral health!

I’m the proud mom of two grown-up sons and two ridiculously pampered pugs, as well as a cat who definitely does not get enough attention.  I’ve been married since 1976 to the same guy, who is well-broken in by now, love books, movies, and musicals, and have too many magazine subscriptions.  I hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology (just enough to be dangerous) and an MBA in marketing (ditto).

With well over 300 blog posts, I’m an experienced blogger.  But I still find it hard to bring up at parties.  You can reach me by email at karenburgess@me.com, but please – no spam! Unless it is the delicious, popular-in-Hawaii, canned treat.

15 responses to “About Me

  1. Hi!
    I’ve been reading your book reviews and would like to invite you to a new Pinterest board:

    This is a place for book lovers to share their favorite books and also a great place to increase traffic to your website by pinning your own book reviews or book-related discussions. Let me know if you’re interested. email me at lasesana@gmail.com

    (you don’t have to approve this comment- this message is just FYI and not blogspam)

  2. A very attractive Blog with clean presentation. I like it very much.
    All the Best with the writing.

  3. We love your blog! And we of course encourage you to continue writing. Keep up the good work.

  4. Karen – thanks for coming to Sisters in Crime’s workshop and for listening to me pretend to know what the future holds for writers. Latest post at http://www.booktrix.com is the essay by MJ Rose, The Writer as Willy Loman, which I think all writers should read. Enjoy Bouchercon.

  5. Hi Karen, my other blog was developed specifically to track my one woman show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2008. A bit like a diary if you like! Some of the entries were pickes up by the press at the time and gave me some good publicity. That blog was my first foray into writing proper… so the voice is a bit different from my current one! xx

  6. Hi Karen, I’m loving your Blog!

  7. Welcome to the blogging world from another newbie!
    I look forward to reading your posts!

  8. Congratulations Karen. I knew it was just a matter of time! Perseverence pays off. Can’t wait to see you published.

  9. Hi Karen,

    I found your link on Sniplits–wanted to let you and your readers know about the Pen Parentis Fellowship for New Parents. Guidelines at http://www.penparentis.org (all levels of writers writing about anything in the universe–they just have to have one kid under ten to be eligible).

    Sorry to post on your comments, but like Hector above me, I couldn’t find an email address for you!

  10. Hi Karen

    I can’t find an email address for you, so please forgive me intruding on your comment wall. I’d like to invite you to write about your favorite books at http://www.bookdrum.com, where you can add information, images, video, music and links to illustrate and explore the books.

    Right now, we’re running a $3,000 Tournament and we’ll be offering contract work to the best entries.

    Best wishes

    Hector Macdonald
    Editor, Book Drum

  11. Thoroughly enjoyable to read. You’re an inspiration for me too! Looking forward to following you on your journey.

  12. I woke up this morning and decided to start writing. Then I decided I liked reading better. Then I got out of bed and logged on and what do I find? Karen Burgess acting out my dreams AGAIN! You GO woman. I’ll keep reading if you keep writing and maybe someday . . . .

  13. Great review of a wonderful event! I’ll definitely be there for #26 too – Anne

  14. Hello Mrs.Burgess, nice to meet you.

  15. Go get ’em Karen. Looking forward to reading more from you.

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