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Fun Home now a Broadway musical

Seriously.  I reviewed Alison Bechdel‘s  Fun Home here, and all in all, enjoyed this graphic novel about the coming of age of a lesbian cartoonist, her unusual family and the likely suicide of her almost certainly gay father.  And while it was darkly comic in tone, it was not a laugh riot.  Now it’s an Broadway musical.  Well, strictly speaking, off-Broadway, at the Public Theater.

So what’s that like?  I wondered.  Alison Bechdel says “It’s really, really good.”  Through the magic of Youtube, I have a little preview.

Would I go?  Heck, yes!

The New York Times calls it “a beautiful heartbreaker of a musical.”   Sadly, the extended run is only through December 29.  If you go, feel free to post a comment for the purposes of rubbing it in.