Got a new iPad 2. And my Kindle’s gettin’ dusty.

My husband got a great deal on an Apple iPad 2 for my birthday.  He used American Express points AND got a discount.  So it’s really not such a giant indulgence, even though I do have a Kindle.  And an iPhone.  And a MacBook. Or at least that’s what I tell myself!

But I will tell you, Amazon is fighting a losing battle.  I loved me some Kindle.  Super-great for storing dozens, even hundreds of books.  (Just like I can do on my iPad.)  I can shop online!  (Just like on my iPad.)  I can adjust the font size.  (Ditto.)

But the glare!  The glare!  That’s the big differentiator.  The Kindle’s more like the printed page, and it doesn’t have that pesky, eye-straining backlighting.  Except that I found the little thing that lets you adjust the brightness.  I have a Kindle app on my iPad, and I can use iBooks, too, as well as a nifty app called Newsstand.

So, while I’m not saying good-bye to the Kindle, it’s kind of like those leftovers in the fridge that you feel like you should get to, before they go bad.  And I had somebody ask me recently if I’d considered the Nook, and how did it stack up to the Kindle and to the iPad?

My answer:  who cares?  Why would I want to hitch my reading habit to a reader that’s hitched to Barnes and Noble?  Are Kobo users thrilled with their choice, now that Borders is defunct, I wonder.  I’ve seen the future, it’s the iPad, and it’s in my hand.

2 responses to “Got a new iPad 2. And my Kindle’s gettin’ dusty.

  1. I have a Kindle also and I think it’s going to be sold soon.

  2. We’ve gone from “A chicken in every pot.” to “An Apple device in every room.” Welcome to the club!

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