Oh, I do SO want to go to the MWA Edgar Symposium and Banquet

inviteMy invite to the Mystery Writers of America Banquet and Awards Ceremony, plus all the details about the Edgar Symposium, came in the mail today.  I am an MWA member (albeit not an active member, I have not yet met the requirements).

I finagled my way to NYC once before at Edgar time, and it was simply marvelous.  Daytime events are held at Lighthouse International on 59th Street, which was a wonderful location.  I was just getting started with writing mysteries, and it was a thrill to be so close to so many authors.  Can you say starstruck?  Plus in addition to rubbing elbows with the not-known-to-me NY agents, I had a great conversation with with a big-name agent, who was encouraging.

Several years have passed.  Every year, I don’t go, but I get the lovely program book in the mail and read all the speeches and the congratulatory ads from publishers, imagining my name instead of say, Laura Lippman’s.  This year:  I really want to go!

Reasons as follows:

  1. The editors and agents cocktail party.  This event is teeming with New York agents, and I have a book to pitch.  It’s free to me as an MWA member, even if I don’t go to anything else!
  2. The symposium is a full day of useful information on topics including the inside scoop on agents, creating monsters, and more.
  3. Plus, symposium panels are comprised of Edgar nominees and winners.  Can you say big names?  Creme de la creme?
  4. There will be many speeches from smart people and perhaps the banquet food will be adequate.
  5. Finally, it’s in New. York.  City.  In May.  Where there are nice hotels, numerous bookstores, and Broadway shows.  Sigh.


2 responses to “Oh, I do SO want to go to the MWA Edgar Symposium and Banquet

  1. Wow, so kind! Thank you, Susan. Now I have another great reason to want to go…

  2. If you decide to come to NYC, please let me know and I’d be delighted to take you out for coffee.

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