A very literary Christmas…

Well, the wrapping paper is all bundled up and the coffee pot is on its second brewing, and everyone seems very pleased with Christmas morning.  Snow blankets the ground and hangs heavily from tree branches, and acts as a thick coat of frosting on the evergreens.   It’s beautiful.  #1 son is wrapping gifts for his girlfriend while #2 son has taken his sheet music upstairs (where the piano is). Husband is online looking for the errant instruction manual for his fancy teapot. As you can see, I am blogging, despite the fact that no one else seems to be doing so.  But how can I not reflect upon my many gifts?  Books and pugs are what I’m known for.  So what did I get?  Books and pug stuff.

First of all, the lovely pug on this post was “borrowed” from buzzfeed, so to see the other holiday pugs, be sure to visit here.  On the pug side, I’m guessing all gifts were purchased from Cafe Press (this site is awesome!) and my gifts included:

  • 2 new pug mugs with a coffee theme – I’ll take mine black (black pug) and capppugcino (fawn pug).
  • Pug Christmas ornament
  • Pug book bag
  • Pug note cards
  • Pug Christmas cards (for next year)

Because we have so many mugs, the rule is we have to throw away or give away one for every new one we receive.  So mug-thinning will happen later today.

Book side:

It’s a good thing I have a few days off over the holidays because I have a lot of reading to do!  And, of course, I will need to pace myself because I made a commitment or two for social events, I’m still trying to get to the gym, and, oh yes, I am working my way v-e-r-y slowly through the writing of a new mystery.

Happy Holidays to all!

One response to “A very literary Christmas…

  1. Cool – I didn’t know you were into pugs!! They’re so cute.

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