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Goon Squad’s Jennifer Egan takes the Pulitzer!

I find it very satisfying to be right.  That’s why I was HUGELY excited when last year I called the Edgars… way more satisfying than happening to guess which of the 10 nominees will ultimately win the Oscar for Best Picture.

That’s kind of how I felt when I learned that Jennifer Egan had won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction for her amazing book,  A Visit from the Goon Squad.  I got the book for Christmas and, with one thing and another, didn’t read it for a week or two.  My January blog post title says it all:  Egan Envy.  My review boiled down to:  Wow!  Why can’t I be that good?

Here’s a video of Jennifer talking about her book.  (You may need to put up with a 30-second commercial first.  Sorry.)

What I found especially interesting about Jennifer’s comments is that she had no idea, when she was writing the book, that it would have such a reach.  She mentions that she wrote each section separately, and it is true that the structure is that of intertwined short stories.  That really resonated with me.  The story arc in a short story is very self-contained, and it is interesting to think that you can write something expansive by exploring within something contained – think Venn diagram!

So, very sincere congratulations to Jennifer Egan.  I’m eager for her next book.