Hey, the Spellmans are coming to TV!

I spent almost four hours rewriting the current mystery today… so I feel that it is okay to go online and distract myself by posting this exciting news!

In this world of the truly bizarre, cranky-but-lovable Izzy Spellman* and her whacky family and various love interests are coming to TV.  Yes, the producer of the series House is planning to produce a DRAMA series based on the series penned by Lisa Lutz.  You can read about it in Variety.

In case you are not adequately alerted by my use of capital letters and a bold font, I am dismayed by the focus on drama.  How can this be?  Izzy is hilarious.  Her friends are hilarious.  Her family is hilarious.  And frankly, the mysteries, although mysterious, are never really very… dramatic.

So while I would love to see this work out and be an absolutely fabulous thing, I have my doubts.  Can it be done?  Lisa Lutz is said to be involved as a consultant, although other authors, I have heard say “Take the money and run.”  (I can only think of poor Sara Paretsky and what she must have thought of Kathleen Turner’s turn as the indomitable V.I. Warshawski.)

I am eagerly awaiting news as to who will play Izzy.  She is ditsy enough that Kathleen Heigl will be fighting for the chance to play her, but I envision a smarter actress.  Say, Reese Witherspoon.  Or even Ellen Page, if she could play a little older.

*you remember that Izzy always uses footnotes.  They’re often funny, well worth reading!

One response to “Hey, the Spellmans are coming to TV!

  1. I haven’t heard about this so I’m only going on your Blog post here but ‘Drama’ might just refer to a wide ranging category. The TV Show ‘Psych’ is listed as a drama, as is ‘Castle’ but I find both of them to be quite humorous. My cable guide shows the category in () and they don’t always seem to fit or capture the true essence of the program.

    Back in the day, I remember only three categories:
    1. Drama. Used for hour long shows.
    2. Comedy. Used for half hour shows with laugh tracks.
    3. Sci-Fi. Used for ‘Star Trek’.

    So hopefully, the true essence of the books will play out on the TV – correctly catagoried or not…

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