Time ran out. I ran after.

After a blogging hiatus, I’m back, thanks to an intense need to share the info about a new website that I found via Rachelle Gardner’s blog, Rants and Ramblings.  Rachelle is a literary agent (not mine, but she could be!  Call me, Rachelle!)  Her blog is an always-interesting mix of the publishing world, what she’s reading for fun, advice for writers, and other various ramblings.  She highlighted   Six Word Memoirs from the online Smith Magazine.  This is an easy and fun premise- write a memoir in six words.

Some are treacly sweet – “There’s a rainbow after every storm” – which is not only not actually a memoir, but it’s not even true.  Others speak volumes about the writer as well as today’s harried lifestyle – “Only one of me.  Please share.”  Others chafe at the limits – “Six words is just not enough.”

It’s easy to get lost in these six word memoirs.  They have one of those cool keyword clouds that indicate that most popular words in the memoirs, so you can pick through to find the ones that call to you.  What does it say that breakup, divorce, death, suicide, and never are all real big?

Especially fun is the fact that you can upload your own six-word memoir and then have it made into a T-shirt!  Or, if someone else’s memoir speaks to you, use theirs.   It’s all good.  I am seriously considering a charcoal gray short-sleeved T-shirt with a magenta message that reads:   “Time ran out.  I ran after.”  Only $13.90.

2 responses to “Time ran out. I ran after.

  1. Very interesting – thanks for the link!

    6 words? Impossible. Let’s try…”My work is not yet done.”

    Hmmm…not so impossible.

  2. Hi Karen,

    This is Alyssa from SMITH Magazine. I wanted to thank you for mentioning our six-word memoir project! I invite you to submit some of your memoirs to our site, if you haven’t started already. 🙂

    Good luck with your writing!

    Alyssa, SMITH Intern

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