Literary Lunchbox is the Cougar Town of blogs

I’m totally enjoying a new-to-me blog called The Rosa Parks of Blogs.  Its premise is simple – you know how people are always drawing comparisons between things by saying “X is the Y of Z?”  As in, my neighbor tells me “Wow, Joe Smith got married again!  Is he nuts, or what?” and I say, “Yeah, Joe’s totally the Larry King of Oak Park.”

The blog’s compiled by a guy named Mark Peters, who describes himself as The Ms. Pacman of Language Columnists. He’s from Chicago and also active on Twitter (as wordlust) and he has another blog (Wordlustitude).  He is not to be confused with the Chicago architect Mark Peters or Dr. Mark Peters the geophysical scientist.

Mark doesn’t make these up – he gets them from other blogs, online postings, popular press, etc.  So maybe you – or even me! – can make it to the Rosa Parks of Blogs.  Hmmm….

Rachel Maddow is the George Washington of TV journalists!  She’s scrupulously honest.  She just cannot tell a lie.  (No, to my knowledge, she doesn’t have wooden dentures… but then neither did George.)

Some samples from Rosa:

  • Hugh Jackman is the Jennifer Garner of men (family-oriented).
  • My cat is the John Cage of kitties (random vocal music-stylings).
  • Ketchup is the Zeus of fast-food condiments (supreme power).
  • Macarons are the Zoey Deschanel of bite-size desserts (“brightly colored but prim, sweet but not too childlike, mysterious and beautiful and ephemeral”)

Truly these vast interwebs are an amazing delight for people who love to play with words and thanks to Mark P for making it easier.

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