Hello? Anybody? Hello?

Time out from the literary relevations to say that I had a comment posted recently on this blog that basically says, Hey! Why am I the only one commenting here!  This is good stuff.

OK, the comment was not that clear.  In fact, it was a little enigmatic.  You can read it yourself here – it’s at the bottom.  But it does bring up the topic of readers and commenters.  Particularly in light of Justin Halpern’s amazing success with his Twitter feed, book deal-slash-TV show starring William Shatner (now in the works).  Over a million Twitter followers!  And here I sit.  50 views in one day is a HUUUUUGE day for me.  And I haven’t figured out the mechanics of blogging well enough to know … if a friend or relative clicks on every link and skims through all my back posts, could that account for all 50?

That’s why it’s so great when someone comments on a post.  If I work with them, am related to them, or am friends with them… that’s cool.  It’s fun to know that people you like are interested in what you have to say.  And if it’s a stranger, there’s a little extra edge.   Ooh, look, someone found me! In the vast interweb universe, someone has stumbled upon me.  And cared enough about what I said to say something back.

I admit, though, that I am not a huge commenter, myself.  I subscribe to some blog feeds and read them daily (or as often as the blogger posts).  Some are literary in nature  (such as View From the Library Window and Pub Rants) – and some are modern culture-related (such as Apple Hot News and Derek Siver’s blog) and some are just plain fun (including The Tipsy Baker and Jog, Fat Boy, Jog).  For any particular blog, I post a comment about once a month.  I think that’s true of most people.  These are the lurkers.

Their opposites are the “I will comment on anything and everything” crew. I see these folks on She Writes and Book Blogs, building a network of other bloggers and promising to subscribe to each others’ posts.  So far I have disdained this… read me if you like me.  If you don’t, don’t.  And I’ll do the same for you.  The other feels a little too much like commerce.

Still, a blogger is a blogger because they want to be read.  If I didn’t want to be read, I’d have a diary instead.  Luckily the rewards come often enough that I’m still here, plugging away, and having fun doing so.  So I’ll stop whining. Thanks for your indulgence.

4 responses to “Hello? Anybody? Hello?

  1. I finally found you – not that you were hiding. I like to comment when I have something to say about what someone else already said. Sometimes I want to comment and can’t think what to say so I move on. As a blog reader (and lurker, too) I find it’s easier on me if questions are asked. “This is my opinion/experience, what’s yours?” or “Do you agree?” You know, things like that. Then I can slip in my two cents quite easily! Otherwise, I’ve read blogs that are like Journals and quite enjoyable to read but there seems to be no room or need for a comment. Or at least, this is how I feel. How about you? (See what I did there?!)

  2. Addy Whitehouse

    Hey Karen!
    I love your website–especially the book reviews! I don’t comment because I like to read what others have to say but don’t feel the need to add my two cents. Also, I journal and that’s enough for me. But please don’t stop blogging–you’re terrific! See you next week in writing group. A.

  3. Hi Karen!
    Found this posting via She Writes….wow how true is this?

    I began blogging last Fall – and while I’ve been dealing with some personal issues off-and-on since starting, I’ve seen a little bit of an increase in “hits” (or whatever you’re supposed to call them!) But I’ve always been curious as to whether or not they’re actually new hits, or the same family member or friend hitting it again and again!

    And comments – I only receive a few now and then from co-writers at Writer’s Rising. I also joined BlogFrog, thinking I might increase my blogging “friendships” (and maybe a little traffice!) – I’ve left a couple discussions at that site, and NO one has responded, welcomed me to the groups, nothing.

    While it has recently ocurred to me that perhaps my specific blog isn’t really “geared” to generate comments all the time – I’m just basically putting GOOD thoughts out there – I’m still curious as to WHY.

    Glad I found your blog though – I’m an avid reader, and thoroughly enjoy scanning other’s thoughts and opinions!

    Thank YOU for the indulgence!

  4. Hardcore lurker myself

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