Pub Rants gives the other side: agenting

Oh, woe the life of an agent… reading books all day (while drinking peppermint mocha lattes and eating vanilla frosted scones)… enjoying collegial lunches with editors…. running manuscript auctions where multiple publishers bid for the your newly discovered, oh-so-talented wunderwriter… sounds terrible, doesn’t it?

But for a real look at how a real-life agent spends her days, as well as some super-practical insights into how the publishing world really works, visit Pub Rants.  Although agent Kristin Nelson is not an all-black-wearing New Yorker, she reps some well-known authors!  And her blog is interesting.  Today’s is an exasperated look at blogging itself – and the annoyance of having a few commenters who use every blog post as an opportunity to rag on their same old complaints.  I totally relate, despite the fact that I can only dream of having enough commenters to actually get annoyed with them.  (You know who you are, and I owe you all lunch.  Or at least drinks.)

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