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Writers’ group update

Yay!  I had my first 50 pages of the current work-in-progress reviewed in today’s writers’ group meeting.  As always, I didn’t agree with 100% of the comments, but I bit my tongue and listened.  Too often, I’ve seen people in workshops, writers’ groups, and elsewhere spend the time they could have been improving their work defending it… setting up a barrier that says “no thanks” to honest feedback.

Today’s meeting was super helpful to me, and Claire, Michele, and Addy were great.  We still have a problem with no-shows … we had two that were expected today who did not attend.  And my friend Matt has probably decided not to participate, as he’s MIA as well.

As the current novel is #2 in a mystery series, it was especially helpful to have three new sets of eyes and three new brains!  They see it fresh; I see it with 1)  all the info in my head from book #1 and 2) everything I’m planning to write in future chapters.

So a big thank you on this day before Thanksgiving!!