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Resolutions and more

It’s December 30th and everywhere I turn, there are articles and blogs and TV and radio chat all about resolutions.  Some are turning to the one-word resolution:  Be.  Think.  Enjoy.  Live.  While I’m sure that these single-word resolutions resonate for the resolution-maker, they seem a little broad to me.  Especially “be.”  Hey, I’m doing it right now!  Be, be, be, be, yep, still being.  Perhaps if they were more active. As examples:  annoy.  Achieve.  Rebel.  Whine.  Nope, still doesn’t work.

I’ve also seen the resolution list of “yes.”  (Compared to the resolution list of “no.”)  This is the one that says “Live healthy!” instead of “Lose weight!”  For most people, this is simply spin.  Or to spin the spin, “reframing.”  Some of the “yes” resolution lists are excellent, though, where you might resolve to see more movies.  Or eat more chocolate.  Or do more snuggling (euphemism alert).  These kind of resolutions are extremely seductive.

Last year, I actually did a kind of “yes” resolution and it was awesome.  I told myself that whenever anybody asked me to do something, I’d say “yes.”  So, in 2010, I went on an art walk with the women of St. Giles.  I drove to Novi, Michigan and saw my brother in a play.  I went with my friend Addy to a mystery conference in Muskego, Wisconsin.  I took  my sons (21 and 29) to visit my parents in New Mexico.   The only downside – I won a trip to San Antonio at a holiday party and now I feel that the universe is inviting me to Texas and so I must go!  Even though it means paying for my own airfare.

Seriously, I do have some intentions related to 2011.  I’m exploring some “integrative medicine” options for my health issues.  I plan to carve out some regular writing time instead of being so loosey-goosey, and I’m renewing the agent search as well as submitting short stories.  I want to be ready to row with the Recovery on Water team.  And I bought a calendar that has room – but not too much room – to write a thought or two a day.   The good thing about reflecting on your life and your desires is that although New Year’s is the conventional time to make resolutions, it’s not a magic time.  Resolutions made tomorrow are not any more powerful than those made next week.  So I resolve to take my time, continue my reflections, and make one commitment now:  Evolve.

Happy New Year!