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Stat monkeys astound me

KBIt’s January 1, 2013, and the stat monkeys at WordPress have issued my blog’s annual report.  Literary Lunchbox has grown exponentially this year, to my delight and astonishment.  The nitty-gritty details are fascinating to me, “meh” to you, so here are just a few highlights.

I’ve had over 22,000 page views in 2012.  The busiest day of the year was October 9, for no discernible reason whatsoever.  My post for that day featured Breakfast Club actress Molly Ringwald and called her book “better than expected.”

My reviews of the Harry Potter book and movies have attracted the largest number of visitors, followed by MWA Edgar nominee reviews/rankings.  Edgar smack-downs, if you will.  Posts about Laura Lippman, Christa Faust, Carol O’Connell and Libby Fischer Hellmann all generated lots of visits to my blog, as well.  (Thank you, ladies!)

How are they finding me?  Tons through Google.  Google UK, Google France, even.  Facebook and Goodreads also account for a good number of visitors, as does She Writes.  Linked In, not so much.  Pinterest is making headway, considering that I just started using it for this purpose!   I have a couple of dozen followers – people who have signed up to get my blog via RSS feed.  Some of them are even people I don’t know personally.  I’m grateful to all.

Whence came they?  Mostly from the United States, but 135 countries in total were represented, and the U.K. and Canada were pretty big.

Is the conversation two-way?  Um, not so much.  I don’t get a lot of comments, and when I do get one, it really gives me a thrill.  Even when they’re nakedly plugging own web site.  As in “Great post, Karen, you might be interested in my thoughts on a similar topic, nude sumo wrestling!  Just click here.”  Because I tend to respond positively to comments, I am my own #1 commenter.  Sad, really.

What’s ahead for 2013?  I’m giving some thought to a second blog… not that this one doesn’t suck up a lot of time and energy!  Topic?  Business, organizational behavior, marketing, consumer behavior, etc.   Still pondering, though.

So to all Literary Lunchbox visitors, thanks so much for your interest and support this year!  The community of readers is a wonderful one and I’m proud and happy to be a part of your community.  Happy 2013!

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Noir crime panelist stand-out Christa Faust

Q:  What do Neil Anthony Smith, Scott Phillips, Sean Doolittle, Victor Gishler, Brian Azzarello and Christa Faust have in common?

A:  They were all in the line-up at Murder & Mayhem in Muskego’s panel on noir crime fiction.

Fiction with a dark edge, where characters you like are in real danger, sex and violence often go together and a happy ending is the opposite of guaranteed.   The guys on the panel are all white.  All in that broad range of years in the middle of life.  And all very interesting.  Gishler wrote Go Go Girls of the Apocalypse.   Azzarello writes graphic novels.  Phillips’ first novel was made into a big-name movie with John Cusack (The Ice Harvest).

But still, the stand-out on the panel was Christa Faust.   The first woman published by Hard Case Crime, Christa’s memorable.  She’s attractive.  Tattooed. Her style is a bit on the biker chick side.  And she’s generally accompanied by her Boston terrier, Butch.

More importantly, she’s knowledgeable, assertive, well-spoken, and entertaining. I loved watching the gray-haired ladies at Murder & Mayhem (which I can totally say because I have gray hair and have passed that 55-year-old birthday myself!) visibly restrain themselves from clucking when Christa dropped the F-bomb.   One lady near me, when the Q&A started, asked the panelist to define “noir.”  And not in a “what’s your perspective on noir?” but the “what are you guys all talking about?” kind of way.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the pulp fiction kind of noir, the classic 50s noir with detectives, damsels in distress, and whiskey in the bottom drawer, but I like a good, dark story where somebody’s heart gets broken and somebody gets killed.  Christa and the guys have convinced me to take a look at their work. And I guess that’s why they hit the road!