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On a streak with Carol Lea Benjamin

About a month ago I blogged about a newly discovered author, Carol Lea Benjamin.  You can read that original post here.  She writes a series featuring dog trainer/pet therapist/detective Rachel Alexander and her pet therapy pit bull, Dashiell.  This lovely creature comes close to actually depicting Dash.

I went on quite a Carol Lea Benjamin streak… seven books.  Not all of them, because I haven’t read the one where she rescues Dashiell from a dog fight club.  And I might have missed one somewhere in the middle, too.   It’s a series that, all things considered, it’s best to read in order.  You’ll still enjoy the books if you don’t, though.

Here are the seven I read – they’re all good, so I won’t bother with the finer points of comparing, ranking, yada yada.

The Dog Who Knew Too Much – 1997 – Did mellow tai chi student and family friend really commit suicide?

A Hell of a Dog – 1998 – The small world of fashionable dog trainers (think Cesar Millan) is getting smaller as someone bumps them off at a convention.

Lady Vanishes – 2000 – Group home pet therapy dog (Lady) disappears.  Who took her and how does it relate to the apparently accidental death of the group home founder?

The Wrong Dog – 2000 – Who is cloning service dogs, and why?  (Truly touching.)

The Long Good Boy – 2001 – Tranny prostitutes hire Rachel – who killed one of their own?

The Fall Guy – 2004 – Cop and 9/11 survivor commits suicide three years later – or did he?  Rachel barely knew him but she’s named executor of his estate.  Why?

The Hard Way – 2006 – Who pushed the businessman onto the subway tracks? Rachel goes undercover as a homeless person to find out.  (Sad twist!)

There do not appear to be any Kindle editions, but all are available through Amazon (either new or used).   Nada since 2006… but she’s still blogging on dog training!  Here’s a post on socializing puppies.