Edgar Nominees Announced!!

mwa_logoOh frabjous day!  I am chortling in my joy.  Today is the day that the Mystery Writers of America announced the nominees for the 2015 Edgar awards.  This is usually on January 19 (Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday), but we had an extra wait thanks to the MLK Day holiday.

This year, the best novel race is a six-way dash… and four of the authors are people that I know, love and have been furiously recommending.  The Best First Novel by an American Author category, as usual, is an opportunity to get some new favorites.  None of those authors are remotely familiar to me!

As in previous years, I will be reading (or in some cases, re-reading), reviewing and ranking the books.  And following April’s Edgar Banquet in New York City, I‘ll see how the Literary Lunchbox Edgar Awards match up with the real thing.  In the interests of honest disclosure, I must reveal that I do not bat .1000.  Part of this is because I’m not trying to guess which book will win, but to determine which book SHOULD win.  Big difference.

So, with that being said, here’s the line-up for 2015!



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