S.J. Bolton is rocking it for me

sjb_polaroids_8bitMy husband discovered a new author at the library in S.J. Bolton, who writes the Detective Lacey Flint series.  His description of the main character was really ringing a bell… and yep, I had Now You See Me, the first book in the series, on my Kindle.  I re-read it.  Thumbs up.  Complicated female character, tense (and bloody) plot featuring a serial killer – in fact, maybe LACEY’s the serial killer.  Plus there’s a dishy fellow cop who may or may not be romantically involved with their mutual female boss, so there’s that little box of fun checked.  Ooh.

Second book in the series is Dead Scared.  This one’s got Lacey undercover at university, where there is an unusually high number of suicides among the prettier coeds.  (Sorry for the spoiler, obviously Lacey was not actually the serial killer, after all.)  Very tense.  Who’s driving them over the edge?  And why is the dishy colleague shouting to Lacey that he loves her, right at the end of the book?

Third book is Lost.  This one is enlivened by an additional character’s POV – 10 year old Barney Roberts.  You’ll get to know Barney, grow fond of Barney, want to smack Barney’s dad upside the head… all while 10-0ld-boys in the area are being abducted and horrifically murdered.  But by whom?  Could it be Barney’s dad?  Barney himself?  Barney’s missing mother?  Very tense ending, but a little “what the heck?”   Lost is scary and worth reading, but not quite as pulled-together as the first two.

And then there is #4 in the series, A Dark and Twisted Tide.  It’s brand new and not yet read by me, but I’ve got high hopes, so I’ll check back in later.  There are also several standalone books (yay!).

As an author, Bolton reminds me of Mo Hayder… and if you know how much I love Mo, you know that is high praise indeed.   To learn more about Mo, click here.  And for more about S.J. Bolton, try her author website!  Well worth clicking around.

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