Grooving on the Java Jive secret language of love

Espresso-cupAs Laurie Colwin’s heroine Olly Bax said in Shine On, Bright and Dangerous Object, “I’m in love with the Sunday New York Times.”  And so am I, so in love that I end up reading the Sunday paper throughout the week!  There is not much better than the Times, two pugs, a cuddly throw, and a giant cup of coffee.  Even better, this Sunday, there was a mesmerizing article by Ben Schott on the esoteric language of coffee houses.  From NYC to Seattle, the baristas have developed micro-languages.   Click here to read all of “Java Jive.”

KissIn the meantime, in honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s some vocabulary that’s caffeinated love:

  • Nice weather for ducks:  Cute customer in line!  (Alternatively, nice shoes.  Trabant Coffee & Chai, Seattle)
  • “Crush”tomer:  Cutie the barista has a crush on. (Joe, NYC)
  • Check the Honey:  “Can you check the honey?” means there’s a cutie in line.  (Chicago’s very own Wormhole.)
  •  Cuddly:  An older man “creeping out” a younger woman (Press, Dayton)

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