Quick Review: How the Mistakes Were Made

I picked up How the Mistakes were Made thinking it was a mystery.   It’s not, but it kind of feels like one!  It’s the story of an uber-popular grunge band, The Mistakes (Nirvana era), how the three-some got together and subsequently fell apart.  All told from the point of view of the woman who ruined the band:  bassist/drummer Laura Loss.

Mystery-like elements include:  Written in first person.  Plays with time.  Uses framing device to tell a story that happened in the past.  Lets you know something bad happened.  Oh, and something more bad happened!  And even worse.  There are fatal flaws.

Definitely worth reading.  And I have to say – the book is written by Tyler McMahon.  I assumed Tyler was one of those late 20, early 30-ish female writers with an androgynous name.  Nope.  He’s a guy and does an awesome job of telling the story from a woman’s POV.

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