New toy: Wordle

OK, it’s late.  And I can’t get to sleep.  I’m halfway through the new Stephen King book (11/22/63), but it’s pretty heavy.  (Literally.)  So I’m cruising blogs and Gretchen Rubin suggests a new web toy:  Wordle.  As the tag line says, “Beautiful Word Clouds.”  Intriguing, eh?

You just paste in the copy from your blog, or link to your blog feed, and it gives you a nifty piece of art. Here’s the wordle for yesterday’s post (a wrap-up of reviews).
Wordle: Literary Lunchbox Wordle #1

And I did another one, for my 12-27 reviews (relatively recent, random!)

Wordle: Literary Lunchbox Wordle #2

You can play around with the shape, the font, and the color. Here’s my final one, for the review of Elizabeth Berg’s Once Upon a Time.
Wordle: Literary Lunchbox Wordle #3
It’s kinda fun.  Check it out here.

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