Hilarious, take-your-mind-off-anything book

I’m home sick.  After a lunch of saltines and chicken soup, I clicked mindlessly through TV channels.  Did you know there is nothing on at 1:30 p.m.?  Seriously. So I picked up a book that I purchased yesterday, at the Book Table in Oak Park. Damn You, Autocorrect! is hilarious.   Jillian Madison’s book is based on a Facebook page – “all the hilarious autocorrected texts you didn’t mean to send.”

We’ve all had this happen.  As I said in this post, I  wrote Ebook, my iPhone said “Snook.”  Because “snook” is so much more of a real word, I guess.   This is not particularly funny, although I laughed my head off.  Here’s one that you will find funny:

#1:  watcha up to?

#2: Nothin just cleaning mom’s vagina for thanksgiving

#1: Hahahahahahahahhaha WHAT????

#2:  Agh!  I tried to type china.  Auto correct fail.

#2:  Bad visual.

#1:  Yeah I think she can handle the other thing on her own.

Let me assure you that there are plenty more, many of them dirty.  This is definitely an emerging meme, and it’s spinning off all kinds of awkwardness.  For example, the Huffington Post reports that America’s lesbian media sweetheart, Ellen Degeneres, stole some jokes from the Damn You, Autocorrect website.

The site got a shout-out from Funny or Die, also, which gives a big attribution to the original.

At any rate, the book itself is well worth the purchase and I plan to take it work and lend it out to anyone who needs 15 minutes of good cheer.  15 minutes at a time is about all you can stand without bruising your ribs from laughter or perhaps embarrassing yourself with a pee-puddle.

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