Victoria Mixon, my blog-homage

OK, this week is new dentist week in Chicago.  That means I am going to spend the entire week in the company of 17 (tomorrow  & Wednesday) to 324+ (Thursday through Saturday) dentists who graduated from dental school fewer than 10 years ago.

I love my new dentists.

But that means I will be WAY TOO BUSY to post.  So I am going to cheat by sending you over to Victoria Mixon’s blog.  She’s an editor, she gives awesome writing advice, and her post today is all about typical mistakes writers make regarding characterization (particularly motivation).  (This is Victoria.)    Today’s post is one of those blog entries that makes me nod my head in agreement.   Hers are often that way.

One response to “Victoria Mixon, my blog-homage

  1. I just checked her post out and you’re right – it’s cool!

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