Sean Chercover… I’m anxiously awaiting your new book!

Chicagoan Sean Chercover has been a private eye in New Orleans and Chicago- hopefully not facing the the same kind of rough treatment that his protagonist Ray Dudgeon faces!  (And also not the same kind of tumultuous love life that Ray experiences.)

I thought I’d never read a Chercover book, and my friend Addy strongly recommended him, so I read Big City, Bad Blood.  It turned out I had already read it, but even on a second go-round, it was a great read.

Now I’ve read Trigger City.  Another great read.  

But BCBB came out in 2008.  TC came out in 2009.  2010 passed – no Chercover book!  2011 is here… fingers crossed for a new Ray Dudgeon book.

2 responses to “Sean Chercover… I’m anxiously awaiting your new book!

  1. literarylunchbox

    Count on it, Sean!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the books, Karen. Many thanks to both you and Addy for spreading the word!

    There will be a bit of a break before the next Ray Dudgeon story. The next book (which I’m just finishing now) is the start of a new series. I hope you’ll give it a read when it comes out.

    Take care,

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