My writing group and the mysteries of the blogosphere

I’m confused.  I came online to write a brief blog post, guilty for my absence and meaning to whine a little bit about my post-holiday work schedule while giving a brief update on my writing group, in hopes that my status as a “real writer” would excuse my recent absence.

But when I logged on, I found that somehow, miraculously, I had 28 visitors today.  Now that is not a lot of visitors, granted, compared to some blogs which received hundreds or thousands of hits a day.  But considering I haven’t posted anything for four days, I am slightly stunned.   Doing the math for visits since New Year’s, I’ve had almost 100 visitors in 2011.

I can only imagine that all my readers returned from Barbados or whatever sunny clime in which they were vacationing and thought to themselves, “Gee, I wonder what Karen is up to?  Guess I’ll check out her blog.”  So, thank you for your patronage.  Sincerely.  The alternative is that I get tons of visitors the less blogging I do.  That seems counterintuitive.

But to circle back around to my excuses, I really did have an excellent meeting tonight with my writing group.  Addy’s book Signs of Murder is coming along very well and it was a pleasure to talk about her work.  I’m on board for our next meeting, which means I have to be ready with 30+ pages in less than two weeks.  (Consider this my excuse in advance.)  Claire follows me and she will be giving us everything but her final chapter.  Our assignment:  To say who we thought is the murderer and why.  She will then release the final chapter to us.  I am hoping for a big prize, but she is making no promises.  Then, back around to Sue who has two books going at once (over-achiever!).  A writing group is great – I heartily recommend it.

I must take my befuddled self off to sleep, so goodnight all.

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