Halfway through Chicago Blues

Yesterday I hit the Book Table looking for a couple of presents and snatched up a copy of Chicago Blues.  This anthology of mystery/crime stories is edited by Libby Fischer Hellmann and features tons of familiar Chicago authors.  I am supposed to be working on minutes of a staff meeting and an agenda for an advisory group meeting at work… and I don’t wanna!  Chicago Blues has me totally hooked.

I’m transitioning from fun to work with this blog post.  After I finish the book, I’ll write again to say what stories were particularly good… but I have to tell you, I’m halfway through and there is not a clinker in the bunch.  Thumbs up.

Also – thanks to the Book Table!  This great Oak Park independent bookstore has books and more, all at a discount, and there are always great finds.   As it is Small Business Saturday, I will suggest that my dozens of readers all stampede down there right away to support them… or, if impractical, stampede someplace closer to support your local independent bookstore.

2 responses to “Halfway through Chicago Blues

  1. I finished it… and promptly neglected to write about it. Thanks for the reminder, Jenny! I’ll do so while on this wonderful vacation…

  2. Which Chicago writers? Are you going to Post about them soon…? `Cause I’m sure you’re not totally busy with those Christmas gifts and wrapping and work and writing and family and…hey, when do you have the time to read???

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