Really Quick Review: Feminista

Erica Kennedy’s day job is writing about fashion and entertainment for InStyle and other women’s magazines.  So, it’s not surprising that her book, Feminista, takes an oh-so-breezy look at the adventures of a magazine writer who decides its time to get married and approaches the objective as if she is scoping out a good deal on a designer handbag.

Protagonist Sydney Zamora has guts and gumption at the start, moving from gofer to writer when she proves herself by scooping a writing gig from a sick colleague.  But the book’s all downhill from there.

Sydney proves herself to be shallow and unlikable, as does almost everybody else, especially love interest Max, a layabout rich boy who trades discounts at his family’s department store (think Saks or Neiman Marcus) for sex from beautiful, pouty, and vapid models and socialites.  Their wedding at the end of the book (after a brief side trip to a commune to let Sydney rediscover what’s important in life) is predictable and predictably empty.

Don’t waste your time.

One response to “Really Quick Review: Feminista

  1. Yikes. Thanks for the warning!

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