Loving Lisa Lutz

No, it’s nothing kinky.  I’m just totally jazzed because I have Lisa Lutz‘s brand new book in the Spellman series, The Spellmans Strike Again, in my hot little hands.  I’m prolonging the anticipation, though, because I’m about to go on vacation and I’m reserving it for the plane trip.

I had a little anxiety about buying the book.  At this stage in life, I’m really very picky about owning books.  I have a small house that’s already filled with books.  And music.  And computers.  And a ridiculously large number of magazines.  So I really don’t want to own more things to put on a shelf.

I pondered the concept of waiting till the library lent the new Spellman book to me.  (No way, gratification delayed is gratification denied!)  How about the Kindle edition?  Not yet available in the Kindle store.  However, you can get it read out loud to you via audible.com for $17.00.  That made it a no-brainer.

One trip to Borders later, I have the book.  The hard part is waiting till Sunday.  It got even harder when Lisa sent me an email about the campaign to Free Schmidt.  Evidently the new book includes a story line about an unjustly jailed innocent man (presumably Schmidt) and is being used to raise awareness of the Innocence Project.  Although I wasn’t clueless – I know that innocent people sit in prison every day, and that the DNA evidence that might exonerate them is never tested – it was mostly because the journalism students at Northwestern University are often in the news for their work, the Medill Innocence Project.  Reading about the work being done across the country is amazing and inspiring. I can’t wait to see how Lisa addresses this serious issue in her funny and fast-paced fiction!

Keep your fingers crossed for me.  When I review the book, I’ll let you know how long my resolve lasted!

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