RIP Domino

Augh!  The Domino magazine website is gone.  Architectural Digest is popping up now.  I’m sorry, publisher, but it’s totally not the same.  Domino:  fresh, fun, home fashion you can actually implement.  Not to mention, afford. Architectural Digest:  stuffy, boring, overly decorated.  Hyper-expensive.

Domino died January 30, 2009, but it still lives on Facebook, where it has 9218 friends.   A farewell message was posted, and no one has taken down the page.  It’s like watching an episode of Law & Order with Lenny, now that Jerry Orbach’s dead.  Readers mourn.  And fans try to resurrect the magic on Flickr.

I went searching for Domino, not because I was clueless (hey, I got my three copies of Architectural Digest last year, and declined to subscribe despite their fervent entreaties), but because it occurred to me that there was a book related to the magazine.  I remember seeing it, but not recently.  Might it still be available?

Yes!  Amazon has it in stock, Domino: The Book of Decorating: A Room by Room Guide to Creating a Home that Makes You Happy.  Only $21.12, it’s 272 pages and almost 3 lbs. of book – such a bargain!  Plus, it’s a great title.  Who wouldn’t want a home that makes you happy?

One click ordering and it’s back to the halcyon days of Domino.

One response to “RIP Domino

  1. I miss Domino so much. I used to dream every month that some Domino fairy might show up & redo my house with their fabulous style.

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