E-Reader options laid out in Tribune – Update!

Bitten by the e-reader bug, but can’t make up your mind which option is best for you – especially now that the iPad is coming out?  Make haste to buy today’s Chicago Tribune, where the Trib has dedicated most of page 13 to giving you the details on the iPad, the Kindle (both versions), the Nook, and three versions of the Sony Reader.  Don’t try to find the article online – I already looked, it’s not there.


Information provided:  initial cost, size, display size, battery life, storage GB/MB, resolution, recurring costs, as well as who the option is best for.

Very compelling:  the iPad’s 9.7 in display size, the color screen, and 1024 X 762 resolution.  Downside to the iPad is the cost, the 1.5-1.6 lbs. weight, and recurring costs for access to the Internet.  The Tribune’s Amy Guth says the iPad is best for multimedia users, and that’s definitely true.  If you’re planning to use the iPad as a platform to read books, it’s like buying a Ducati when you need a Schwinn.  Still, it’s very sexy.  The Apple website says it’s the best way to experience the web, email, photos and video, and they make a great case.

Looking at the more vanilla options – Kindle(s), Nook, and Reader(s) – I breathe a sigh of relief to see that the Kindle 2 is the best choice for me.  Always good to see that you made the right decision!  The Kindle’s bottom line is “best for high-volume readers,” Barnes & Noble’s Nook is “best for social book lenders,” and the three Sony options are “best for news junkies,” “best for geek chic,” and “best for budget-minded casual readers.”  I appreciate the Kindle’s focus, it meets my needs.

One option that Ms. Guth missed is the iPhone.  I haven’t used it yet, but my techie husband found an app called Kindle for iPhone in the app store on his phone.  It’s free!  And it turns your tiny iPhone screen into an e-reader, you can purchase all Amazon Kindle titles to go to your iPhone.   The Kindle 2 was on his 2009 Christmas list, so now he can read on the Kindle while seated comfortably on our couch… and read the same book, synced to where he left off, while he’s sitting in the car waiting for me to get off the train or standing in line at the post office.  To me, the screen is just too small.

Happy shopping!

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