Broken-hearted, again.

Thirty pages.  100 pages.  The full manuscript.  Now – rejection.  I know that the market is down for mysteries and agents are having a hard time selling even established authors (not that Michael Connelly’s feeling it, I’m guessing).

She was very kind, which softened it somewhat.  Here’s her note in its entirety:

Dear Karen,

Thanks so much for sharing this with me.  There is much to admire and you write very well.

Alas, due to the enormous workload I have now – and the difficult market, I’m afraid I can’t take it on.  I do think another agent will grab it and I wish you the best.


If you’re that other agent, give me a call or email me!

4 responses to “Broken-hearted, again.

  1. Addy Whitehouse

    “There’s a word for a writer who never gives up: PUBLISHED. And a published writer who never gives up: SUCCESSFUL.” JA Konrath

    We’ll do it, Karen…we’ll be old and gumming our food, but by god we’ll do it!

  2. literarylunchbox

    Joe Konrath, author of the very popular Lt. Jack Daniels series, said in a panel on publishing that he had 12 years of rejection before he had success in getting an agent… but with the right agent, everything fell into place. So, fingers crossed!

  3. How many great and gifted writers received similar responses before eventually getting published? Persevere and continue to share that Light inside you. There can never be too many writers in this world.

  4. Aaaarrrrrgghhh! I’m SO disappointed for you and for the rest of us! It will happen. Keep working!
    Love and Kisses!

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