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Ears replace eyes with spring-ish weather

I’m currently distracted from my plan to read the sixth book nominated for the Edgar in the Best First Novel by an American Author category.. although so far, I’m liking it!  It’s The Girl She Used to Be, and it’s about a woman who has spent her whole life in the Witness Protection Program.  But the weather has warmed up a bit, so I’m no longer hiding in the subway to get to work, but instead walking about a mile in each direction.  At my poky pace, this is 20 minutes. Add the 20 minute green line ride from Oak Park to State & Lake, and you have 40 perfect minutes for listening to short stories on my iPod.

Hence, my visit to Sniplits.  For a few bucks, I download stories from 2 minutes to an hour in length.  One I listened to and loved today was The Story Rug by McKenna Donovan.   Yesterday it was Waiting for Victor by Del Stone, Jr. Wednesday it was Libby Fischer Hellman’s The Murder of Katie Boyle.

Fortunately, it’s the weekend and we have a car with brake problems that can’t get into the shop till Monday. Therefore, no mindless rushing hither and yon.  Plenty of time to read and write if I ignore the dust bunnies under the couch.  And I still have several Sniplits selections to “read,” so given the forecast for copious sunshine, the pugs just might luck into a lengthy walk to the park and back.