Plagiarism in the blogosphere!

pile of booksI’m swamped with work and reading Edgar nominees, and I have a backlog of recently read books that I haven’t reviewed yet, but I had to take blogger Kristin Lamb at her word when she encouraged her readers to repost her posts.  Particularly this one on plagiarism.  She tells her own experience with a guy whose online presence fooled her completely.  It’s a great cautionary tale.  Here’s a taste:

Kristin Lamb

Kristin Lamb

I tend to be a Naive Nell. I feel one of my best qualities is I see the best in everyone. What’s my greatest weakness? I see the best in everyone. I also like to give new people opportunities. I know that without people like Candy Havens, Bob Mayer, Les Edgerton, James Scott Bell, Agent Laurie McLean and others, I wouldn’t be where I am, which is an AWESOME place, namely because you guys are here.

This said, I like to pay it forward. Ah, but paying it forward can bite back, and I’ve been bitten way more times than I care to admit.

So back to stupid. NO, EPIC stupid.

I don’t even think I should have to blog about this, because COME ON! Plagiarism? In this day and age? REALLY????


Jump over to Kristin Lamb’s blog to read the rest.  You might want to wander around there for a while, she usually has some insightful and interesting things to say!


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