The check’s in the mailbox

I haven’t been blogging for a while – life has been all dentists, all the time – but I recently received my advance check from Sniplits.  Yes, folks, my advance for my Kathy Martinez short story Do the Right Thing is here.  And it’s in the mid two figures!  A good time to refocus on the avocation.

I’ve been keeping up – barely – with my writing group.  Jenny’s historical mystery has tons of characters, many quirky and some dashing.  Claire’s medical examiner, Lady Doc, is witty and quick with the banter, much wry and sometimes sexy.  Addy’s Chicago cop is trying to solve the stabbing death of her father’s long-time friend, a deaf man with minimal language skills, while dealing with a miscarriage and possible marital break-up along with a suspension for drinking on the job.  Sue – new to the group – hasn’t submitted yet.

I’m up next, which means that this weekend is going to be writing central.  I was stalled plot-wise because I’d written myself into a corner, but after doing some research in books, online, and through PI Vic Pichette, I think I’m ready to go.

Also important- revisiting those agents.  Could it be that the person who was thisclose to taking my first mystery on might change her mind now that I’m published?  I’m moving from associate to active with Mystery Writers of America.  This might make a difference, no?

And, of course, reveling in the fun.  I downloaded the story from Sniplits.  The narrator did an awesome job – she didn’t sound exactly the same as the voice in my head, which had more of a Latina lilt and a little younger voice, but within a paragraph, she had me.  Plus she does a good job voicing other characters.  I was curious to see how long the story would be – between 17 and 18 minutes, as it turns out.  To buy the story (very cheap!  Only 88 cents!  Listen on your iPod or other MP3 device!) click here and put Do the Right Thing in your cart.  My second story, Dumpsville, hasn’t been recorded yet.  Perhaps I will submit all stories starting with D so they can be together alphabetically on the site…

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